The Happy Valley Way

What are we?

Yes, we throw swank parties.

Yes, we want YOU to relax and have fun

But above all we are an art course!

Happy Valley Sip and Paint was started as an alternative to the six week standard fine art course.  Owner, Amanda Kunkel, is an artist and healer.  She had been teaching fine arts for over 10 years.

             “Who has the time to commit to six weeks of classes?  Between work and kids, the average                     woman barely has time to shower!”

And that is where it was started.

               “You can have fun and relax while learning.  I’ve taught healing workshops for years and I                          know you have to make it fun.”

What you will get at a Sip and Paint:

An art lesson.

This is NOT paint by numbers.

We will NOT trace the entire painting on to your canvas.

Will we help if you run into trouble?  YES!

We walk you step by step through the painting process.  The eating and drinking take place before, during break and after the class.

Wait, You want ME to paint the entire thing on my own??

You can do it!  With years of tried and proven instructing methods, I can assure you that you CAN.

We LIMIT our teacher to student ratio to 1:18.

Every 18 people we add an instructor.  WHY?  So we can TEACH YOU and personally answer questions, demonstrate techniques, etc.

You are not just numbers to us or cattle to be squished into a room for max. profit.  In fact this model limits the profit.  But guess what?  We want YOU to be taken care of, instructed, and helped.  We love our students!!!

I can’t just show up and party?

Well, you could.  But that’s not our business.

We teach you art terms, techniques, brush strokes, shading, depth and definition.

But guess what?  We have FUN doing it!

You can take 1 round brush and achieve several different things with it.  We will show you how!

We Wont:

Slap your fingers and tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Tell you that you HAVE to follow our technique.  Yes, you can go do your own thing: just might not look like the original.

Harp on something that doesn’t look right.  We fix it and move on.


Teach you art.

Take care of you as a loving human.  Connecting on a level of respect and love.

Make sure you relax and get into your Zen spot.  BEST place to produce art from!

Be honored that you have chosen to allow us to teach  <3

And that my friends, is Happy Valley Sip and Paint!


No refunds/no Reschedules. Hostess is responsible for communicating this with guests.

*Photographs will be taken at the time of the event to share online. You agree to allow photographs of you, your family, on your home and property by registering.

Snow/Ice Policy: A workshop can be rescheduled by Happy Valley Sip and Paint up to 1 hour before the event due to extreme weather. Extreme weather is classified by an instructor not being able to safely get to AND/OR from your location. If this happens, the party will be rescheduled within one month, during an off peak time (Monday-Thursday evening). No refunds .