Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS Miena Kay Etc aims to give you the best class possible. Each booking is only considered set when Payment for the FULL amount is recieved. We respect you, your home and your time and ask you do the same for us, our subcontractors and our equipment. A class may only be booked after these Terms and Conditions are agreed to. No refunds are offered. No reschedules. You may replace the spot in a class with another guest. While we attempt to accommodate your teacher requests, no specific teacher is guaranteed and may be switched out at any point based on that subcontractors needs.   Sip and Soul, and private fine arts are all taught by Amanda Kunkel. Otherwise teachers are subcontracted. Each subcontractor is responsible for themselves. Getting themselves and supplies to the party on time, teaching and removing supplies after. Miena Kay Etc, Amanda Kunkel and Happy Valley Sip and Paint are in no way responsible for the actions or inaction of each subcontractor. At a party or otherwise. Miena Kay Etc only works with the highest quality subcontractors. Amanda Kunkel is never guaranteed at any event. Only pictures/ paintings that are Miena Kay Etc originals, licensed to Miena Kay Etc or Amanda Kunkel, have open copy or out-of-copy may be painted. No exception.   The person who books and makes payment is our customer.  Everyone else are their guest and all interaction and payment before your event is done with you. Not us. The person who registers for this event is our client. No payment at door.  *Photographs will be taken at the time of the event to share online. You agree to allow photographs of you, your family, on your home and property by registering. Snow/Ice Policy: A workshop can be rescheduled by Happy Valley Sip and Paint up to 1 hour before the event due to extreme weather. Extreme weather is classified by an instructor not being able to safely get to AND/OR from your location. If this happens, the party will be rescheduled within one month, during an off peak time (Monday-Thursday evening). No refunds . Classes may be terminated at any point, by Happy Valley Sip and Paint, for any reason without a refund. Examples: Disrespecting, being rude, acting as an ‘internet troll,’ or insulting any member of of the Happy Valley Sip and Paint Team. This includes Amanda Kunkel, any subcontractor used by Happy Valley Sip and Paint and anyone authorized to act on behalf of Happy Valley Sip and Paint. Using the likeness of any member of the Happy Valley Sip and Paint team without prior authorization. Misrepresenting Happy Valley Sip and Paint or any of the team members in print, social media or verbally. While the canvas may go home with you- you and your guests may not keep or “borrow” any other supply and give it back to us at a later date. Any supplies which are damaged by you and your guests will need to be paid for on the spot. This does NOT include wear and tear. This refers to purposeful or negligent damage.  This includes pets and or children chewing/sucking on the equipment.  DO NOT LET CHILDREN/BABIES/PETS CHEW ON ITEMS.  THEY POSE A CHOKING HAZARD.  The subcontractor in charge of your class is allowed to make this assessment. Edicate: Before, during and after you workshop, you and your guests must be respectful and mindful of each other, your instructor and (if at a public place) the staff, waitstaff and location (including their materials). Conversations in general about, or directed at, other party goers, instructors or other staffing involved in the event that are not allowed: These are items considered derogatory based on (this also includes ANY verbal harassment) : Age, Sex, Race, Rape, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Political Affiliation or HATE OF ANY KIND. Yes, this includes statements and topics in your own home. Certain topics are off limits as we will not allow our Happy Valley Sip and Paint members be exposed to hate. If these topics do come up- your instructor will give one verbal warning to steer the conversation in a positive direction. If anyone argues or brings these topics up again, the party will end. All supplies will be taken back (except you and your guests canvas), no one will be given a refund, and if you are at a public location, the party must leave immediately. For classes hosted at restaurants and other locations: The owner/ management reserves the right to enforce their own policy (like no public drunkenness) and end the party for any violations. No refunds will be given. Owned and Operated by Miena Kay Etc. All Messages will be returned Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm Owned and operated by Miena Kay Etc