Private Parties



How it works:

There is a minimum of 10 paying guests for a private party.

Hostess is FREE!  (That is 11 people total)

Hostess may have party at home in the State College area or at the Studio



Day Of Event: 

Artist Provides: Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, water cups,  palettes, easles and smocks

Participants provide: Wine, cheese, other snacks and anything else they wish!   



We operate within a 15 mile radius of State College.  We will consider traveling further for a travel fee (beginning at $50).  Please call us for confirmation


Only times and dates listed are offered

Custom dates and times are available for parties 20+

See corporate Events tab


Book a Private Party in Your Home
$ 40.00 Per Person

Book Now


Book a Private Party at Barranquero Cafe

 324 E Calder Way
$45 Per Person
*Holds 12 Max*
CALL for Availability


**All Messages will be returned Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm**

Owned and operated by Miena Kay Etc

Short Terms:

No refunds/no Reschedules. Hostess is responsible for communicating this with guests.

*Photographs will be taken at the time of the event to share online. You agree to allow photographs of you, your family, on your home and property by registering.

Snow/Ice Policy: A workshop can be rescheduled by Happy Valley Sip and Paint up to 1 hour before the event due to extreme weather. Extreme weather is classified by an instructor not being able to safely get to AND/OR from your location. If this happens, the party will be rescheduled within one month, during an off peak time (Monday-Thursday evening). No refunds .


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