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I’ve attempted to categorize the most frequent questions I get!




Party Type

I host private parties


Party Price

$40 per guest for private party ($45 at studio)


Where can workshops be held?

If there is space at the studio, then we can host there.  OR if you have a location in the State College area, I can travel to you!


I live outside of the State College area.  Will you still come to me?

Depending on the distance.  The intital travel fee is $50 and increases based on distance from State College.  Please contact Amanda: 814.826.1765  amanda@mienakayetc.com


What is included in the price?

2.5 hours of  teaching.  That’s 18 years of art experience and 10 years of teaching at your service.  Included is the relaxing environment and overall experience felt at the workshop.

The paint, canvas, use of and upkeep of brushes, smocks, easels.

Extras like palates, paper towels, water bowls, etc.

All of our communication.  I like to take care of my hostesses needs and questions personally.  This takes a lot of time.  It includes emails, text messages, phone calls at all times of the day and weekend.  I do this because I care about each hostess and want to make sure she has an amazing time.

Space, travel time and wear and tear on vechiles.  

Everything else it takes to run a business.  Things like internet, computer, phone,this website, marketing, and the time it takes me to run a business. This is my career.

(wait, now you are asking why it is such a reasonable price!  Because I want everyone to enjoy this!)



I want a different date/time then listed.  

Sure.  Contact Amanda at 814.826.1765 or happyvalleysipandpaint@gmail.com.  I’ll see if I can make it happen.


Can I just pay for the class on the night?

No.  These classes are first come first serve.  They get so booked I have to refer people to another night often.


What is the refund / reschedule policy?


There are no refunds/ no reschedules on any of the services / workshops, etc that are purchased.

These classes fill up fast and it would not be fair to those who can make it as scheduled.  The supplies are purchased already as well.

We need to focus on what we do best: Teaching Art!   Unfortunately we cannot juggle other people’s schedule changes.  Please make sure you are 100% sure you can attend before booking.


“My friend said she was coming to my private party and then never paid me.  Can I have my money back?”

No.  When they booked each hostess agreed to and paid for a certain amount of people.  Happy Valley Sip and Paint agreed to preparing and purchasing supplies for that size class.


“Can you hold a date for me?”

No.  This would be unfair to the hostesses that committed up-front for a time and date.  Dates fill up fast and are first come first serve.


“What if I book and then 10 people do not show?  Can I get part of my money back?”

No.  Again, at booking the hostess makes a commitment to the minimum size party we will go out for.  In return we make the commitment of preparing for and purchasing materials for that size party.




What do I need to do to schedule a class?

Click the “Book it” button


How do I pay?

Click the Book It button and your credit card information can be entered into the secure server.


“What if I want to add more people later?”

I will email you one week before the party.  At this point the final headcount and final payment is due.  You may add them at that point.  Not later.  Payment for your final headcount will be sent via a Square Invoice.  You can then enter your payment online from that invoice.


By registering you agree to the following terms:

No refunds/no Reschedules. Hostess is responsible for communicating this with guests.

*Photographs will be taken at the time of the event to share online. You agree to allow photographs of you, your family, on your home and property by registering.

Snow/Ice Policy: A workshop can be rescheduled by Happy Valley Sip and Paint up to 1 hour before the event due to extreme weather. Extreme weather is classified by an instructor not being able to safely get to AND/OR from your location. If this happens, the party will be rescheduled within one month, during an off peak time (Monday-Thursday evening). No refunds .


LONG TERMS are agreed to on the zozi booking agent site before check out.


**All Messages will be returned Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm**


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