Sip and Paint with Amanda Kunkel


State College native, and Lemont artist,

Amanda Kunkel brings fun and relaxation to you and your group!

Amanda incorporates art techniques in these painting renditions.  “I’m an art instructor at heart.  I want to spread the artistic experience to community members while also making it fun for them,” Amanda expresses on a regular basis.

Amanda chooses photographs to paint from that anyone is able to do.  These photographs have to be copy approved.  She explains, “The final painting is an  artistic rendition of each picture.  When we take the group photo at the end, you can tell we were all painting the same thing.  But each individual painting in a little bit different.  It is a reflection of the unique soul of each participant.  It’s beautiful to be part of that process.”   Amanda is very clear that this is not a glorified paint by numbers experience.  But a true art class.


Happy Valley Sip and Paint is a workshop owned and operated by Miena Kay Etc.  This Healing Arts business incorporates Amanda’s Intuitive Coaching programs and individual sessions.  More information is located at www.healingangelsnow.com



**All Messages will be returned Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm**

Owned and operated by Miena Kay Etc

No refunds/no Reschedules. Hostess is responsible for communicating this with guests.

*Photographs will be taken at the time of the event to share online. You agree to allow photographs of you, your family, on your home and property by registering.

Snow/Ice Policy: A workshop can be rescheduled by Happy Valley Sip and Paint up to 1 hour before the event due to extreme weather. Extreme weather is classified by an instructor not being able to safely get to AND/OR from your location. If this happens, the party will be rescheduled within one month, during an off peak time (Monday-Thursday evening). No refunds .


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