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Paint nite with Wine and Chocolate???

Do you love to pair wine and chocolate? I do! What better way to pair the 2 than by hosting a #paintnite at your home with some great friends, a fun painting class, fabulous local wines, and some exquisite truffles? If you need recommendations on a chocolate shop, I’m your girl!!!! Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want to indulge?-Becky


wine and chocolate

paint nite for Labor Day!!!

ok… so next weekend is Labor Day weekend!!!  other than it being the end of summer it’s also a great time to host a picnic.  why not give your picnic a twist this year and include some wine and painting!!!  backyard bbq with some mocktails sounds good to me!!! – amanda w.

woohoo paint nite!!!

so last night i was sitting out on a deck and listening to jimmy buffett’s concert from camden and it finally hit me that summer is almost over.  if you want to get in one last hur-ra before fall is upon us make sure you schedule your sip and paint party.  go out with a bang (and some canvas and wine)!!!  paint parties are always a good time!!! – amanda w.

bridal party paint nite

so last night I was at a wedding and it got me thinking about how cool it is to have a group of friends and family by your side on such a special day!!! I know some brides always like to do low key bachelorette parties so why not do a sip and paint party!!! grab the girls (or the whole group with the guys too) and have a paint party!!! fall wedding season is a coming!!! – amanda w.

Back to school!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for parents. But, seriously, now that your little loves are starting school again, why not take some time for you? Host a party with some of your other mom friends, and show the kids that you can ace art class, too

Was your Monday “typical”???

Today is, obviously, Monday. And it was definitely a Monday between car issues, dr. appt. problems and kids fighting when I got home from work. But then, I got on pinterest and searched for some new sip and paint ideas, and suddenly, I was really looking forward to the rest of the week and my Monday is ending much brighter than it started. Does spending time with your friends do that for you? If so, why not book a party so that you can have some girl time? If you book before September 1, you lock in the lower price for your party. -Becky



some cooler weather has come along!!! gonna enjoy it while it’s here!!! with cooler evenings in the future make sure you book your paint party now!!! rates are changing on 9/1 and you don’t want to miss being able to sip and paint at the current rate!!! your canvas and wine await!!! – amanda w.


yes i was at a party today!!! while i was sipping some great sangria at my goddaughter’s first birthday i thought about how cool it would be to have a paint party with a nursery themed painting!!! mock tails may have to be involved for that but what a great thought!!! – amanda w.

did you see…

how amazing the moon was last night and tonight??? so pretty!!! i definitely love when the moon is so full. i also love that the weather is finally starting to cool down!!! great times to have a paint party!!! sip some wine (or as it gets cooler, apple cider) and paint the moon!!! – amanda w.

Christmas is coming…What????

That’s right! Christmas will be here before you know it. We have so many options for gift giving. Want to give your child the gift of a kids party? We can do that! Want to make something special for your loved one? We can definitely help you do that! Follow the tabs at the top of the page and see what sparks your interest! If you book now, you can lock in current pricing through the end of the year. -Becky

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