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Happy Halloween!

After weeks of paint nites featuring pumpkins and other fall themes, it’s going to be interesting to see what people choose for their wine and painting parties now that Halloween has passed. Will we be painting turkeys or going straight to winter holiday themes? I guess we’ll find out soon!

Wacky Weekend

🙂 we are heading into the weekend! Wooo hooooo!

Im busy getting paint supplies ready for paint night.

Tonight at wine and painting we are taking a break from all the fall themes. Our hostess chose an awesome ” northern lights” sky. :).

Have a wonderful time!

<3 Happy Valley Sip and Paint



Yesterday i was interviewed for a local magazine about Sip and Paint.

The girl interviewing me said, ” You are the most enthusiastic person ive talked to.”

<3. Awwww love you! It is because paint nite isnt just about paint. Or wine. It is about getting in touch with the zen part of your soul! :)

Gift Cards

Snuggly possums!


Did you know we have Gift Cards for paint nite?  Yup, you can GIFT someone a wine and painting night.  Like, how cool and unique is that?  Paint party is one of the fastest growing trends.

Here at Happy Valley Sip and Paint we want you to have an awesome and relaxing experience.

Check out our latest video blog  Here





Mistakes Can Work Out

Hey loves, quick lesson.  One of my instructors taught a birthday party this weekend at the Crystal Cave, and found out the host had sent me the wrong photo!

Turns out it didn’t matter, because the birthday girl yelled “I love this!” about six times throughout the night.  Everyone had a great night of wine and painting, and they already started planning their next party with Happy Valley Sip and Paint!

So remember, mistakes aren’t always bad!


Did you see

Hello Friends!

Not only is our owner an amazing artist, workshop leader, soul centered gal here at Sip and Paint…but also an author!

Check out her book, Bunny and The Gang; Day of the Deer,  Here

Remember, we also do kids paint parties too <3


Enjoy your weekend!  We are getting ours on Sip and Paint Style <3

This Light of Mine

<3   At Happy Valley Sip and Paint we talk a lot about relaxing, reaching for our inner zen spot and coming to this world from a spirit centered place.

Really, Paint Party is all just Love Love Love

SO we created a workshop to help kids with this!



Based on the Song, “This Little Light of Mine” we are going to let our spirits SHINE

This event is a private paint party for your child and their friends.

During our painting time, our instructors will be talking to your kids about love, trust,

friendship, sharing and how to express themselves in a positive manner.


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