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Coming Soon

Oh hey loves!


We are getting ready to release our Happy Valley Sip and Paint’s new location for Paint Parties!


Guess what, it’s a place that doesn’t already have a biz there.


Why?  Because here at paint night we believe in being honest, true and doing the right thing.  That includes not swiping another company’s customers.


Yup, we do it right here at wine and painting.


Details to come!!!!

Thirtysix hours, three parties

Happt Weekend dear ones!


We have now had three Paint nite parties in 36hours.  Welcome to the awesome world of Sip and Paint <3


With our Paint party we put our heart and souls into.working with YOU .  There is nothing as awesome as the experience of letting go and getting in the mode.

Can’t wait to see you at a future wine and Paint 🙂

Full House

🙂 Our Paint Nite events at Big Springs Distillery fill up fast!

So thankful for all our wonderful guests.who love to come out to our Paint party.  We super enjoy getting to know each one of you.  Our job is to teach, coach and help you realize your own inherent talent <3

Keep in mind we also do wine and Painting parites at your home too!!!!

<3 from Sip and Paint to you….. <3


Hello Dearest Possums!

Oh art lovers unite!

I’m sitting on my porch brain storming even more awesome paint party options for you.  This includes more rocking paint nite options for kids too!


Creativity cannot happen for me in a white office…..a cubicle….  in fact, my inspiration often comes when I”m not trying to “Work” at all.


I apply the same tactic when it some to wine and painting.  Creativity cannot be forced.  It happens when we let go and let the energy flow.

Every paint nite is led in a way that is relaxing, fun an makes everyone comfortable and feel right at home.  This way, all our guests can experience that wonderful artistic experience



Size Matters…or does it?

Hello Paint Party lovers!

Happy Valley Sip and Paint has been around for over a year and a half.  We started out from the group up (not part of a larger national corp) to get wine and painting going in State College.  We are the original.

Our paint night was designed by owner artist, Amanda Kunkel.  With a biz background we are here to bring the soul loving fun of art from us to you.

We use canvas that is 16×20.  🙂

Customers tell us what they want and if we can do it- we love to.


See you at a Sip and Paint soon!

Paint Party time

Hola Folks!

Our Paint Nite on this Friday is filling up fast!  We will be sipping and painting at Big Springs Distillery in  Bellefonte at 6:30pm.


Make sure to preregister for our paint party by Thursday!


Can’t wait to see ya’ll there!!!

More Wine and Paint info

Hello Love Bugs!!!!

Did you know,that on this Sip and Paint website, if you click on the green Book It button, more information will appear?


With so many various Paint nite options, all the information is split into its own corresponding section.  Last thing we want to do is overload ya.

Wine and Painting is all about relaxing and treating yourself well.  <3. So we have made booking your Paint party super easy 🙂



Dearest paint nite loves!

Just a reminder that we do fundraising  events.

You can check out our link here.

Our wine guy, Dylan Reed, is available to bring exotic wine samples to your wine and painting fundraiser for free!

<3  Painting parties rock!

Mommys’ Hour!

Why should the kids have all the fun?!

When my 5 year old nephew asked me how old I was I paused.  “Really buddy, I”m like….7.  You can still be a kid and be responsible.”

And that’s when it came to me…..I shouldn’t be the only adult having all the fun!
With fall comes a plethora of kids painting parties.  Guess what mommies?!   I’ve got something for you!

During my kids painting parties- the hostess can invite the parents to stay (and other friends) who are 21 plus….to sample wine!!!

YES, the parents can have fun and be responsible sampling wine while their children paint!

And it’s FREE.

Because I have the most AMAZING wine guy, Dylan Reed!  He will bring samples of wine from around the world for you.

How it works:
All adults must be 21 plus to sample wine

Sampling must be done in a room separate from the children painting.

Parents driving and caring for children after will have limited samples.

Drink responsibly <3

At least one non sampling parent must be present with the children.

Guests may bring as many yummy snacks as they wish to share with each other.

Yup, the kids…..they don’t get to be the only ones having fun <3

Contact me to set up dates!

And as always, Dylan is available for private adult paint parties!!!!

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