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Smoothie and Paint

Loves!  Had a wonderful Paint nite at Indigo Wren Nest just now!  We did a smoothie and Paint with healthy snacks <3. It was a great twist on wine and Painting.  Still relaxing….still awesome.  Great atmosphere and guests too!





“Do what?!!!”

I love every single wine and Painting party I get to teach.  I meet so many wonderful ladies and their friends who they had over for Paint nite.  Every group is unique.  However there is always one technique I teach that has everyone looking at me like my head is spinning 360 degrees.


” You want me to do what?  Are we allowed to do that??!!!.”. Yes folks, get ready to toss out everything your kindergarten teacher taught you about painting.  I am a real live trained artist and that’s what I teach.  Of course I specifically tailor each painting to fit the group and keep it as low key as possible.  Remember you are Sipping and Painting.  Not taking at 6 week intense art class.  Yup, that’s right.  Relax and learn art.  🙂

And of course my fav guests are the fur visitors.




Fall dates online


Believe it or not, fall is right around the bend.  Every store i go into has Halloween items everywhere. <3


Sooooo my fall schedule is online and 90% complete!!!!  Wine. Painting.  Massages. Henna.  It’s all there.  Book now as spots for Sip and Paint fill up fast during the semesters 🙂


I am also streamlining booking and payment to make it easier and fast for you.


I am spending lots of time with ideas swirling around my head for more fun things for wine and Painting.  Details soon <3



Henna Tattoos and Sip and Paint

Hello loves!!!!!

So happy to announce that wine and Painting just added another exciting twist!  Henna tattooing!

Megna Go, an accomplished Henna Artist, is available to come during our break and tattoo you and your guests!  (Henna lasts about a week).  Check out pictures below.  Megna free hands the art and it is beautifully ornate!  You can add this service to any private party for only another $10 each 🙂

Relax, drink some wine, Paint and get “painted”


Kids Painting Party

What a whirlwind weekend!  Saturday Amanda went and personally taught a tween painting birthday party out in Phillipsburg!  We painted the invitations and each girl got to pick her own background color.


Of course wine was not the beverage :). We had hotdogs, birthday cake, water and soda.



Rocking the Massage

Tonight at Sip and Paint we rocked the massage option!  We were having a private wine and painting party at the Crystal Cave.  Jean Roman came and gave the guests a relaxing chair massage during break!











Oh ya <3


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