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Bridal Parties!!!!

Want a great way to Caleb getting married?  Come Sip and Paint.  A fun, low key setting of wine and Paint. And me.  I’m hysterical.  Lol.


I get lots of bridal showers.  Here is a picture of the bride to be from Thursday working on her canvas!!!



Nude Models

Errrr mwah Gwad!!!!  Its finally here!  Wine, painting and naked people!!!


Happy Valley Sip and Paint is happy to announce ( was long in the works)…..we have nude models!  That’s right!  Choose from a fit male or female model for your group.  The human form is amazing and I will lead the group expertly in step by step instructions to complete this painting.  Our male model Andrew Schall is a professional performer and will put all guests at ease.  This is available for private parties at The Crystal Cave and in home.  Introductory special of $40/ guests.  Includes model, art supplies and teaching.

Sip and Paint AND get a massage

Howdy Peeps,

So I’ve totally be on this resting kick.  And I thought, “Let’s add that to Sip and Paint!”.  So here it is!!

For private parties Massage Therapist, Jean Roman, is available to give chair massages.  During our break she will be pampering each guest with 5 minute massasges.


That’s right.  Rest, relax, Sip Wine, Paint something awesome….and oh ya, get a massage.


Total Price?  Only $35!  Includes all art supplies, teaching and massage.



Smothie and Paint

Happy Valley Sip and Paint and Indigo Wren Nest are pairing up for a special, healthful, Sip and Paint on July 24th!

This open workshop takes a twist on our traditional “sip”.  Let’s just call it, “Smoothie and Paint!!!!”   Bring your favorite smoothie ingredients and a healthful snack to share!  We will have a blender onsite.  All cups, plates, napkins, etc. provided.  
Local professional artist, Amanda Kunkel, will lead the group in a 2.5 hour OM painting.  Join us for this healthful and relaxing evening.  When you are finished the canvas is yours to take home.
We begin at 6pm with set up, drinking, eating and socializing.  Painting begins at 6:30pm.  We will take a break in the middle for more smoothies and snacks before we finish by 9pm.
All art supplies included!
Max 14
Please register and pay 1 week before event to ensure space and adequate supplies.
Payment by paypal to or by check.  Email for details.


Sip and Paint Expanding

Hello Lovies!


As you may have noticed, we took this past Saturday off.  WHAT??!!!!   Yes, first Saturday off since….urm…….a year?


Saturday was a lovely evening at home with the kitties, doing some of my own personal angel painting and relaxing.  You know I’m all about relaxing.  And I needed it because……..


We are growing!!!  Ouch <3  Feel those growing pains!


More venues are being added, more options are in the works!  Wine and Painting was never so freaking awesome!  Oh wait, we made it this way 🙂


And I couldn’t have done this whole Sip and Paint thing here in State College without YOU!  My amazing, wonderful clients.  I love you all.


Now, back to working on that expanding stuff so I can make even more announcements!!!!



Spirits and Paint

And we did it!  Not just sipping wine any more at State Colleges premier Sip and Paint biz…..but spirits too!

We had so much fun at Big Springs Distillery last night!




And……You know it’s time to end the work week when you offer your cat ” breakfast ” at 5pm.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my pillow fort with my unicorn till  Tuesday morning.  But until then ….rest assured there are even more cool sip paint stuff and events coming.  Bwahahahhahsh

Loving June Specials!

Oh my very wonderful peeps.  Hope you are having a lovely Thursday!!!!

I am running  a new special starting today!

If you book a NEW Private Party (you haven’t already booked and paid the deposit for this party) at the Crystal Cave or you home in JUNE for JUNE…..everyone only pays $25!  (WHAT?!  How can she do it that cheap??!!).  Of course, as always, the hostess is free.

The rest is the standard private party info 🙂



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