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Wine and Painting with Amanda Kunkel is…..

More than just wine and painting!


YES, we Sip and Paint to relax with friends

YES, we Sip and Paint to socialize and get to know new people

YES, we Sip and Paint to learn some art techniques

BUT most importantly we Sip and Paint with Amanda for the overall experience.

Each of my workshops is special.  Every person brings their own spirit and individual gifts to the group.  Painting is such a deep personal experience and I work with each group to make sure they get what they need from it.

Everyone of my participants is cherished, encouraged, uplifted and made to feel important.  Because YOU are important.

Come and paint with me my friends.  I promise it will be a divine experience.




Sip paint 3

Kids Painting Parties

What?!  Kids parties!

Yes!  Happy Valley Sip and Paint offers kids painting parties.  Of course the “sip” is not wine 🙂

Children, Tweens and Teens are thrilled by the painting and social experience.  Parties for fun, birthday parties, event parties, you name it!

Hostess child parties for free!  I work with each hostess to choose a painting for the interest and skill level of the age group!  AND it’s only $17 per kid!  Same private party booking and refund policy applies.

Let’s have some fun with paint!


kids kids2 kids3 kids4