Monthly Archives: February 2015

Paint and more Paint

I am always surprised at how much paint I go through.  In fact, upon recent inspection of my clothes….I think I’ve found where all the extra goes.  Even my PJ’s….. (I paint at home in my PJ’s sometimes.  Don’t worry, I don’t show up at events in PJ’s.  Unless it happens to be a kids sleep over themed party).

At Sip and Paint, someone always spills wine.  It happens every time.  It’s no big deal in the long run.  But it’s great to see everyone say, “Oh no!” with the saddest of faces.   No worries, we’ve always got more wine.  And paint, lots more paint.  Have you seen my suitcase full of paint?


Painting and therapy

I am always so in awe of my guests after a sip and paint.  They are relaxed and ready to head home to their lives with a new perspective.

Painting, as well as other art mediums, is very therapeutic.  The reason is, the person doing the art work, has transformed from left brain thinking to right brain existence.  The left brain is the task master.  It tells you all about your to do lists and stressors.  The right brain is your creative side.  It makes you let go of all your worries, to do lists and stressors.

I was originally trained to be a  right brained artist.  I bring this skill to every sip and paint and gently weave it into the evening.

Are you ready to let your stress go?  Come join us <3. I’d love to get you into your right brain.