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Wine and Paint….

I LOVE teaching Happy Valley Sip and Paint.  I always have a blast meeting new people, laughing and seeing the…..funny things that happen at sip and paint.


I always say, “Let’s take bets on who is going to get the paint brush in the wine glass.”   Because YES, it happens all the time.


Or another common one- dumping wine on the canvas.  Don’t worry- the canvas is fine.  And as long as there is enough wine left….. it’ all good 😉


Happy Painting!



Epic Stuff

Who knew that putting Wine, Cheese, crackers, painting and socializing together could be so much fun?  With 2015 Happy Valley Sip and Paint is reaching out to the State College, Pa area and expanding…..that’s right.  Details to come.


Come join us in this epic moment <3

Private Parties all over town!

Hello Sip and Paint friends!

This spring is filling up very fast with private parties!  That’s right- you and your friends can by out an unbooked event OR plan your own.  Every time I check an email or facebook message, there it is!  Someone asking to book a private party.


If you are interested in your own private party please let me know soon before all the good weekend dates are gone 🙂


What does a private party look like?  Well…..


How it works:

The participants are lead in a 2.5 instruction of a painting.  The subject is chosen by the host prior to the event.  At the end everyone goes home with their own acrylic masterpiece!  

Location: One lady hosts at her home or at Contempo.  Based on number of participants she may party for half price or even for free.  There is a minimum of 5 people for a private party.

Artist Provides: Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, water cups,  palettes, and smocks

Participants provide: Wine, cheese, other snacks and anything else they wish!

$30 per person


How to book:

Hostess makes a $50 deposit to save the date

Hostess collects and pays the remaining balance one week before the party

No refunds No reschedules